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Atlas of prosthodontic treatment

M. Tvrdoň, I.Čech, T. Sokolová - vyd. Science



Číslo produktu: SC0086
Výrobca: Science
Rok vydania: 2001
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The Atlas of Prosthodontic Treatment is intended for undergraduate students of dentistry, dentists in practice, and dental technicians as a guide to prosthetic treatment and the design of prosthetic appliances. The authors offer modern technologies and techniques especially to prolong the life span of the remaining teeth and the tissue of the oral cavity. Pictured and described are also original methods of prosthetic treatment of Dr Tvrdon, which have been practiced and evaluated for many years. Their discoveries have been presented at several professional world congresses, including the 11th Conference of the European Prosthodontic Association (Milan, 1987), the 79th annual World Dental Congress of the FDI- Federation Dentaire Internationale (Milan, 1991),the 133rd annual session of the American Dental Association (Orlando,1992), and the 81st Annual World Congress of the FDI- Federation Dentaire Internationale Vancouver, 1994). For ease of use as a guide in dental offices or laboratories, the defects of dentition are classified according to an original classification presented at international congresses: European Prosthodontic Association (Dresden, 1987) and World Congress FDI- Federation Dentaire Internationale , 1991). In contrast to other books of this kind, this atlas distinguishes indications of defective dentition with present remaining teeth: intact, carious, and periodontically affected. In addition to conventional prosthetics, the authors describe ways of saving dental tissues, the use of implants, and the treatment of congenital and acquired defects of teeth and jaws.